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  • let's get excited!

    Our faith plays a large role in our lives. Sometimes, we need a boost to get reinvigorated to go out into the world like Jesus did and share it! There are many needs in the world, needs that Jesus shared with us; the hungry, the homeless, the poor. He left us a road map by his example as to what we should do to honor Him and his request to be one of his disciples.

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  • Saint Dominic Child Care Center


    Saint Dominic Childcare Center is now accepting applications for employment. At this time, the current positions are part time. For these positions, there are no degrees required, but previous experience working with children is desirable.

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  • saint dominic reads..........

    saint dominic reads…

                               ...returns for summer 2016!                       

     The Parish of the Future Education Committee is excited to announce the return of Saint Dominic Reads!  This summer, we invite you to read Mercy in the City:  How to Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Visit the Imprisoned, and Keep Your Day Job by Kerry Weber. 

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  • a gift to the church

    Have you considered leaving a gift to your church in your will?

    A gift in your will can have a huge impact on the life of your church. For many churches, regular giving is absorbed in ‘keeping the show on the road’ –paying the parish share, insuring and heating the building, repairing the roof and so on. A gift from your estate can help to ensure that the parish continues for generations to come.

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  • a journal-style experience on Medjugorje, by Fr. Ron May

    Please enjoy the attached document: A journal-style experience of Medjugorje, by Fr. Ron May.

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  • join the media team!

    Our media team members  volunteer their time, week after week, to assist behind the scenes enhancing our liturgies. They  coordinate their schedules to ensure that all masses are covered; they assist in audio/video recordings, running cameras and  projectors,  displaying images, videos and slideshows; setting up audio/video needs to the parish center to meet our overflow needs;

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