Lent week five 2014

My Answered Prayer

In September of 1996 our family grew from five members to six when we had our fourth child. Born with Patau Syndrome, Benjamin was our little angel here on earth for only eight days. Not nearly long enough for us, but long enough for our family to hold him, sing to him, and love him with every fabric of our being. Benjamin was not meant to be our angel on earth, but our angel in heaven.

Shortly after Benjamin's passing, I was attending an evening retreat, “Journey from the Head to the Heart”. I could not tell you what the topic was because my mind and prayer were focused on my little baby. We knew Benjamin was born blind and his brain underdeveloped, but we didn't know if he could hear or not.

My prayer that evening was that Benjamin had heard us tell him that we loved him, and heard the sweet songs of love we whispered into his tiny ears every day of his life. I just wanted to know if he had heard and been comforted by our voices. As I sat praying with all my heart, I asked God to send me some little sign that would reassure me of this.

Within a minute or so, I had this pain in my left ear which I simply thought was nothing and I just pulled on it slightly to relieve it. There was a sharpness to the pain which continued to escalate, all within a few short minutes, to a level that I thought I would

have to get up and leave. It was a pain I had never felt before that moment and one I have never felt since. As I sat there concentrating on this pain, tears began to stream down my cheeks, not from the pain, but from the realization that God was sending me a very clear answer to my prayer. And, He chose to do it through my own ears so there would be no mistake about my understanding what I was experiencing.

I knew then, our baby Benjamin heard every word we spoke or sang to him. Whether he heard with his earthly ears or not, I know he heard and felt every whisper of love with his beautiful spirit. The pain in my ear completely disappeared as quickly as it arrived, within a couple of minutes. Amazingly, what was on my mind that evening made its journey to my heart where it will always remain. I continue to thank God for His undeniable answer that evening and for sharing His angel, our little Benjamin with us.


Lent Week four 2014

When I was thirteen years old and living on Baldwin Street in Waterbury, my brother Frank was in the service.  After visiting with the family while home on leave, it was getting time for him to get back to camp.  Like he always did at the end of Frank’s visits, my dad said, “Anthony you know what to do.”  He wanted me to walk down to the restaurant to get Frank a sandwich and a piece of pie to eat on the train on the way back.

When I started out, something told me to stop.  Of course I didn’t listen.  Continuing on my way, something again told me to stay there and wait.  I waited a few minutes and then started down the hill.  Halfway there, I saw the aftermath of what had happened.  There had been a robbery and three people had been shot.  The police had roped off the restaurant and the last of the police cars was leaving.  If I had not listened to that voice, I might have gotten involved.

Now, I don’t believe I have a direct line to God.  I’m not that special.  But I do believe that when we are in danger, God lets us know in his own special way that he is always with us.  I believed it then and I believe it more now.  When God talks, I listen.

PS   My Brother never got his sandwich and pie.


Lent Week three 2014

God’s Agent

My prayer, “God help me” sobbed out loud clear when alone in my cold gasless car; I reached for a wallet that was gone.

Where, how, what, St. Anthony?  I had just arrived in Newburg, N.Y. after a long bus ride which started in Florida.  I was so happy getting into my car which had traveled on a van ahead of me and sat in the lot waiting for me to drive it home to Southington.  Now, no gas, no wallet ergo, no money to buy gas; no go.

I searched the bus to no avail.  Then Earl, our driver, arranged for a call to the hotel in Pennsylvania where we stayed the previous night.  While I waited for their reply I cell phoned my children: no answers!  Then I decided to call my trusty friends, the Alberti’s, who agreed to come with cash in about three hours.  Meanwhile the hotel, having found my wallet in the room I so painstakingly had checked, promised to mail the wallet.

While I waited for my cash-bearing friends, a call came in for me from the hotel office.  A secretary was wrapping my wallet to mail when she called me.  “I have your wallet. Everything you are or own is in this wallet, and the weekend is here.  If it were mine, I would be lost without it, so I am not mailing it. I will drive it out to you.  Just sit tight and I will be there in a  couple of hours.”  She dismissed all my protests, I was amazed that she would have decided to drive that far and back: from Wilkes-Barre, PA to Newburg, and NY.

Arrive she did in the two hours during which time I told my savior friends of this wonder and they, amazed also, were grateful, I’m sure, not to have to make the long rescue drive from Southington.

As my wallet bearer approached in long strides waving the wallet, I thanked God for her and struggled with the wrapped package to extricate some money for her, at least for gas.  She waved me off, turned and hastened away saying only in reply to my shouted Thank you – “Passion!”

I never discovered her name, but the check I mailed to be shared with the maid who found my wallet was never cashed.

God helped me all right, through the giving heart of an unusual woman.


Lent 2014 week two Faces of God

lent 2014 week two

We continue this Lenten season sharing stories of faith written by members of our community.   In today’s gospel Jesus appears to his disciples and they fell prostrate in fear; but Jesus speaks to them saying,   “Rise, and do not be afraid.  In the reflection sent in to us, the writer too is fearful but the realization that our Lord is present during this time gives her courage and strength.  We will now share thispersonal story of God’s presence in her life.

“A few years ago, I was facing major surgery.  There were a lot of possible outcomes that I wouldn’t know until after I awoke from surgery, including the possibility of cancer.  It was a very stressful six weeks waiting for my surgery day.  While my friends were always there to lean on, there were times when I was alone---especially at night---when the fears would start to overwhelm me.

I have always been touched by the poem, “Footprints in the Sand.”  Both the words and the image of Jesus walking by my side are comforting.  When my stress would start to escalate, I would stop and say, “OK, Jesus, this is one of those times when I need you to carry me.”  It was incredible how that would stop my fear and lessen my anxiety.  I could feel His support and presence.

I know He has acted in my life many times, but too many of those times I failed to stop and acknowledge it.  During this time, however, I not only thanked him but I use the story when working with patients who are facing similar uncertainty.  I hope it can help someone else.”

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new bishop appointed

BBLAIRBishop Leonard P. Blair is Appointed New Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Hartford

HARTFORD, Conn. – (October 29, 2013) His Holiness Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Leonard Paul Blair, STD as the fifth archbishop of the Archdiocese of Hartford. The announcement was made today, Tuesday, October 29th at 12:00 noon, Vatican City Time (7 a.m. EDT).

Bishop Blair will be officially introduced as the new archbishop during a press conference at the Archdiocesan Center at Saint Thomas Seminary, 467 Bloomfield Ave., Bloomfield, this morning, Tuesday, October 29th, at 10 a.m. The press conference will be streamed on the archdiocesan website at: archdioceseofhartford.org and ortv.org. It will be broadcast live on WJMJ-FM Radio (88.9/Hartford, 93.1/Hamden, 107.1/New Haven).

Bishop Blair, 64, has been the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Toledo since 2003. He was ordained a priest in 1976. He succeeds Archbishop Henry J. Mansell, who has been the Archbishop of Hartford since December 2003, and who has passed the age of retirement.

Bishop Blair will be installed as the Archbishop of Hartford on Monday, December 16th at a ceremony at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, 140 Farmington Ave., Hartford.

a gift to the church

Have you considered leaving a gift to your church in your will?

A gift in your will can have a huge impact on the life of your church. For many churches, regular giving is absorbed in ‘keeping the show on the road’ –paying the parish share, insuring and heating the building, repairing the roof and so on. A gift from your estate can help to ensure that the parish continues for generations to come.

Gifts in Wills are an important part of Christian giving. Many of us give regularly to the church each week or month from our income; why not from our estates too? It’s also a way to give thanks to God for the gifts of your life and lifetime.

When we genuinely see ourselves as God’s stewards, entrusted to use His gifts to us for the good of our families, the Church, the needy and in thanksgiving, we should also take Will-writing seriously – setting God’s affairs in order and stewarding them wisely to the end of our time on earth and beyond.


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