Altar Servers

We thank all of our Altar Servers for choosing to serve God and our Saint Dominic parish community. Altar servers assist our priests and deacons and set an example (especially for other young people), during our liturgies.

Our Altar Servers sit closest to hearing the Word of the Lord. They carry sacred vessels holding gifts from the community. They are the helpers when the hands that bless us and feed us the Bread of Life are washed. They carry the cross and lead the way during the processional and recessional. They are looked upon by our community as special children of God.

The Church has had altar servers for many centuries. Records from the early days of the Church tell us that altar servers were regarded with great respect and honor. This leadership role is very important today as more and more lay people are called upon to serve in the Church’s ministries.

Setting an Example
As representatives of the Saint Dominic community, an altar server sets a good example for the members of our parish and for our visitors. They show others how to actively participate in the liturgy by singing hymns and saying aloud the prayers and responses. They have a very important role because they are setting an example of how to worship at Mass.