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Registration for 2014-2015 began Sunday, April 13, and closed Sunday, September 28.  We are now busy getting ready for our first night of class and cannot process any more registrations until the October session is over.

If you have not turned in a registration form but still want to join us this year, please complete one now, leave it in the white box outside of the RE office, and plan to join us for our session on Friday, October 10, from 5:00-7:00.  When you arrive that night, we will be able to register you for your preferred night for the rest of the year.  This is the only night that we have available in October for families who have missed the registration deadline, but we hope you'll be able to join us then.


Dear Parents of St. Dominic parish children,
We believe that we learn best when there is a partnership between our families and the parish. In this spirit, we invite you to join our program called Partners in Faith. Instead of weekly classes divided by grade level, we are offering a monthly two hour session that helps your whole family explore one theme which is often a parish-wide focus, as well. The sessions run six times during the first full week of each month, so you can choose one of the six to attend depending upon how it fits your family’s calendar.

Each session begins with a shared meal. After a brief introduction of the night’s theme, we will break up into age-appropriate groups to explore the theme more closely. We come back together for a family activity and closing prayer. Each family is encouraged to go onto our website for that month's Home Kit to help you continue focusing on that session’s theme for the remainder of the month. Children in grade 3 who are preparing for sacraments will attend these sessions with their families as well as 3 additional workshops without a family adult throughout the year.

This change has been instituted for a number of reasons. First, we have noticed a growing disconnect between home and church which a drop-off program only encourages. Second, the current classroom model is becoming increasingly harder to manage in terms of cost, personnel and discipline. Third, changes had to reflect what our families need from their parish---greater efficiency, more flexibility and less stress. After considering a number of different programs and different configurations of this program, we believe that the families of St. Dominic will grow closer to God and to each other with this option.

Specific questions about registration, program dates, sacramental preparations, cost and volunteer opportunities can all be answered with a call to the Religious Education office (860/628-5159) or by reading the enclosed brochure. All families are different and need different things; please give us a call so that we can answer concerns you might have about anything from non-Catholic family members to single-parent families to participation by non-parent adults. We want to make it possible for everyone to feel comfortable and to be excited about their place in this new direction for our parish.

Terry Kamradt, Director
St. Dominic Religious Education


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