Partners in Faith

2017-2018 registration forms are available in the RE office to current registered Partners in Faith families until mid-May.  Registration forms for registered, active St. Dominic families are available on-line to the right on this page  and outside the RE office Tuesday May 23rd. Families from other parishes are welcome to register after August 14th.  Registration deadline is Monday September 11th.

what is “partners in faith”?

It is an innovative thematic approach to lifelong faith formation that has taken us from a “drop off and pick up” program for our youth to one that embraces all ages and generations.  Partners in Faith is centered in the events of the church and promotes faith growth at home through prayer and participation in church life.

is partners in faith only once a month?    

Yes and no.  We will meet together as a community the first full week of each month for a total of 7 times.  Each registered family will also receive supplemental materials to support continued exploration of the theme at home. 

who participates in partners in faith?

Partners In Faith is open to grades 1-8. Children must be accompanied by an adult;  at least one parent or adult needs to attend with the children in the family.  Of course we welcome any adult in your child’s life to come! For families with more children attending than adults, we leave the choice of which child to accompany that session up to each family.

 what happens to sacramental preparation?

Students in Grade 3 need to participate in Partners in Faith and six additional workshops (3 for First Reconciliation and 3 for First Eucharist) throughout the year to prepare them adequately to receive these sacraments.   A schedule of these extra sessions is noted on the calendar.  Parents do not attend these sacramental workshops.  A minimum attendance of seven (7) Partners in Faith sessions between 1st and 2nd grade is required.  Otherwise, your 3rd grader must attend the catch-up classes to receive Sacraments.

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