Parish of the Future

Paving Our Way to the Future

The Saint Dominic Community

Learning Center


The construction of our Community Learning Center marks the completion of the last of three phases of the Parish of the Future, a project devised and developed at Saint Dominic Church from start to finish, with the ultimate vision being a new kind of parish that meets the changing tempo and needs of the 21st century.

The Community Learning Center is a space-efficient, 2,400 square foot building with lecture hall, discussion rooms, seminar desks and the latest audio-visual and computer technology. This new facility is ready to host educational programs that prepare parishioners to assume leadership positions in our more than 40 ministries while also paving the way to increased active participation of parishioners with clergy in a collaborative management of parish affairs. That, in capsule form, is our ever-developing model of a parish of the future.

So Where Are We Now and What’s Next?
Look back for a moment. In the past few years, the five Parish of the Future (POTF) committees and a host of volunteers have done a phenomenal job in bringing the Parish of the Future from vision to reality. And you, as a community, have been well-informed and supportive of the objectives of each phase of the project. Meanwhile, we have also witnessed increased participation in the work of our ministries serving our growing community. With the Community Learning Center in place, it is now time to forge ahead in the continued development of the Parish of the Future programs. To that end, an endowment needs to be established. Some of you have, in fact, asked "What can be done?"

The Saint Dominic
Community Learning Center Foundation.

Your stake in the future.

The Foundation will serve as a lasting endowment for the ongoing development and maintenance of the Saint Dominic Community Learning Center. Levels of donation have been carefully designed to offer an opportunity to as many parishioners as may wish to support the endowment program. Whatever gift tier you choose, your donation will be acknowledged with a distinguished place of honor on a specially designated wall in the Lecture Hall.

Above are views inside our newly furnished Lecture Hall in the Saint Dominic Community Learning Center

Friend: There are many needs, some anticipated, some unexpected. Everyone can help. Your thoughtful gift as a Friend of the Parish of the Future in the range of $200 to $999, will allow us to remain in step and keep pace with changing needs as they develop.

Donor: The needs of a parish are in proportion to its growth and diversity. A Donor gift of $1,000 to $4,999 will be a major help in bringing the love of Jesus to each of us through materials, video presentations and exciting multi-media programs that appeal to many age groups.

Patron: Educational and development programs are the foundation of the learning component of our Parish of the Future program. By providing information and training tools for our Learning Center, your gift as a Patron, $5,000 to $9,999, ensures a trained laity skilled in the management of parish finances, activities and programs that explore, educate and enhance our spirituality.

Benefactor: Our broadcast network allows us to reach the sick and the homebound who cannot regularly attend our liturgy and spiritual services. Bringing those services and uplifting messages right into the home via our broadcast network also enables us to reach parishioners who are traveling. A Parish of the Future Benefactor’s gift of $10,000 to$24,999 will help bring Saint Dominic to those who can’t physically be there.

Founder: Sharing our reflections, thoughts and ideas on issues of importance is critical to the future of our parish. Keeping pace with the rapid changes and advances in technology and equipment ensures us a position of leadership in technology. Your gift as a Founder ($25,000 or more) will keep us on track in leading edge technology and on the path to the promise of our future with outreach, training and effective communications programs.

Your gift will be acknowledged with an inscription of your choice etched on a beautiful brushed-gold metal plaque placed on a wall honoring supporters of the Saint Dominic Community Learning Center Foundation. Your donation may be a memorial or a living tribute to someone dear to you.

To learn more, please call the Rectory at 860-628-0349. We can provide you more details about the program or set-up an appointment to discuss it with you.

interesting and informative learning programs planned year-round

ordinary people doing extraordinary things

a parish of the future is

a parish
that empowers lay persons to accept the invitation to an active and significant role in the local parish in collaboration with the clergy.

a parish
that provides opportunities to lay persons to develop their talents and acquire new skills, in order to more effectively serve God and others, in their own Christian community, at the same time enriching their own spiritual lives through their personal Christian ministry.

a parish
whose members understand and truly live the idea that all of us, clergy, religious and lay persons alike, are called to witness and assume active membership in the Catholic church.

a parish
where each of us has a very personal stake in the living Church, one that extends a welcoming heart and a warm embrace to all who wish to come into our midst.

a parish
where the daily lives of the faithful, as fully participating members of their Christian community, are spiritually enriched and where their renewed spirit will be inevitably integrated into all the phases of their lives.

The Good News of The Gospel of Jesus Christ is more than a dream or a cherished tradition. It is a powerful and precious opportunity to exercise our faith by responding to a very real call to action within our own lifetimes. With education, training, development of skills and talents, the most effective use of our resources, and the most advanced technology available, we have the potential to become a parish of the twenty-first century reaching and serving all.

a parish of the future is

a church
that enhances the spiritual experience of parishioners, visitors and worshippers through enhanced media opportunities through the addition of new technology and resources that will handle live satellite feeds from the church to the Geraghty Parish Center to the new Learning Center and ultimately to external locations via the Internet and satellite television.

a learning center
built to meet current and future parish needs with advanced audio-visual technology and the facilities to implement . . .

a plan and programs
that deliver training modules that will enable and encourage broader-based parishioner involvement provide a state-of-the-art facility equipped for special presentations and parish meetings.