New Parishioner's Registration

All information is maintained in full confidence at the rectory and RE department.

(please note that from September 5 through 21, 2018. this registration forms will not be processed until Sept. 21. If you need to register for a specific reason, please register in person at the parish office or RE office.)

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The gathering of information about our parish is vitally important in keeping the Pastor well informed as to the demographics and profile of our parishioners. Knowing the number and mix of adults and children, seniors, parents, single or married individuals, young people in college or away in the service of our country or other ventures is important in determining the extent and types of services, programs, spiritual support, needs and interests we serve. We believe that providing for the needs of our parish has contributed greatly to the remarkable rate of growth of our parish in recent years and to the vital and vibrant spirit of our Christian community. For these reasons, we hope you will consider providing us with the information requested in the following questionnaire.

Comments: We welcome your comments or anything you wish to say about yourself, your family, your interests, and ways you may wish to participate in any of our parish ministries or activities. After completing the information at the top of the form, please scroll down to "Comments" where you may type in any information you wish to provide. Any and all information you provide is for the exclusive use of The Church of Saint Dominic of Southington, CT and will be held in the strictest confidence.