Finance Committee

The Finance Committee of St. Dominic Church provides the pastor advice in matters of financial planning. It also tracks and reports on the financial activities and performance of the parish.

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Parish Council

Goals of the parish council

Based on our faith in the mission of Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit, the main purposes of the parish council are to:

  • advise the pastor concerning the direction of the parish,
  • assist the pastor in the mission of Jesus Christ, proclaiming His Gospel, building His community, celebrating His liturgy and serving His people, and be a living example of unity, cooperation and vitality in our Christian faith in our parish, in the Church and in our community.

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Long Term Planning Committee

The long term planning committee is responsible for assessing the current and future physical plant needs of the church and recommending to the pastor and finance committee for approval, the disposition, maintenance or replacement of each asset.

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