Finance Committee

The Finance Committee of St. Dominic Church provides the pastor advice in matters of financial planning. It also tracks and reports on the financial activities and performance of the parish.


The members of the Finance Committee of Saint Dominic Church are:

John P. Moriarty, Chairperson
Scott Kennedy
John Leary
Rejean Normandin
Bill Wisk

Vision - To be a collaborative partner to the ministries as they strive to more effectively serve God and others.

Mission - To offer financial advice and services to the parish ministries, council and pastor and to preserve the integrity and transparency of the parish finances.

Strategy – By maintaining an understanding the needs of our parish expressed by our ministries, parish council and pastor; the finance committee will serve as an active collaborative partner in ensuring that income is generated, finances are safeguarded, spending decisions are prudent, and that record keeping and reporting meets the needs of the parish, Archdiocese and other stakeholders.

Click on the link below to view the Parish Financial Report:


S pdf tewardship report 2016 (3.03 MB)

pdf Stewardship Report 2015 (1.67 MB)

pdf Stewardship Report 2014 (2.22 MB)

pdf stewardship report 2013 (2.41 MB)

default stewardship report 2012

default stewardship report 2011

default Stewardship Report 2010

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