Long Term Planning Committee

The long term planning committee is responsible for assessing the current and future physical plant needs of the church and recommending to the pastor and finance committee for approval, the disposition, maintenance or replacement of each asset.


The committee membership is made of up parishioners on a voluntary basis. The members come from a cross section of our parish community. The LTP committee currently meets on a quarterly basis with more frequent meetings during periods of project activity. All parishioners are welcome to join the committee.

Past projects include:

  • Assessment of physical plant assets and creation of a maintenance/replacement schedule for each.
  • Removal and safe disposal of three buried heating oil tanks.
  • Selection of new chairs for the parish center
  • Planning, design, and project management for the new upper parking lot, resurfacing of existing lot, and associated landscaping.
  • Selection of new sound system for the church
  • New windows on South side of Parish Center
  • Updating of Mens and Womens lavatories
  • Installation of a aeration system for the pond

    Contact information: Contact the rectory. This committee is currently dormant