Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

We, the faithful, are the Church. One of the many important changes to have taken place since Vatican Council II in the nineteen sixties was that qualified lay persons of faith were empowered for commissioning as Extraordinary Ministers of The Eucharist. These are your fellow parishioners who offer the Eucharist, that is, Holy Communion, to the faithful.

This ministry is symbolic of much more than helping out busy priests and deacons. In fact, it has perhaps become one of the most visible signs of the active role lay persons must play in our Church today.

Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist are dedicated Catholics in good standing in their parish.  Candidates are trained and commissioned in a beautiful ceremony, at Mass. That’s when an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist receives his or her special wooden cross you see them wearing at Communion during the liturgy of the Eucharist.

Ironically, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharistic are really ordinary lay persons of faith, who are called forth from the congregation to serve the Lord as they bring the Eucharist to their brothers and sisters at Mass and also to those who are homebound or unable to attend Mass.

Visiting the homebound is, in itself, a particularly important ministry, because the extraordinary minister of the Eucharist brings to that person of faith, who would otherwise be without the Word of God and the Body of Christ. The visit is also a time to pray with the homebound person and to share with them news of the parish and carry with them the greetings and prayers of the entire congregation. The home visit is perhaps the most important spiritual event of the week for the homebound person of faith. Eucharistic ministers know the great sense of reward one receives for being part of this loving, caring, spiritually nurturing ministry.

Eucharistic ministers are commissioned for a term of three years in our archdiocese. During that time they are expected to be available regularly, a minimum of twice a month, for eucharistic ministry service at Mass and to homebound parishioners.

You may learn more about this ministry and its qualifications by speaking to Hank and Jennifer Tessier, who are the coordinators for this ministry at St. Dominic. Hank and Jennifer may be reached at 860.729.8055. You may also send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information.