altar adornment

The flowers and decorations that adorn the altar and surrounding area of Saint Dominic Church are yours. They are also his, hers and mine. Placed on the altar, in tribute to God's glory, these are our gift to God and each other!

Every week, in our church bulletin, there is a note about altar adornment. A donation toward the liturgical environment can be your way of helping to beautify our church. Your donation may be made to celebrate the memory of a loved one who has gone before us, or as a living tribute to a loved one on a special occasion such as a birth, a birthday, an anniversary or graduation, or as a prayer for someone's return to good health or well being.

The names of those being remembered in a particular week are listed in the church bulletin. All parishioners and visitors attending Mass not only enjoy the flowers and displays, but they are also asked to include those being remembered in their prayers. If you think about it, the gift  unites us in our prayers and thoughtful remembrances of our loved ones.

Please consider making a donation ($25.00 minimum requested).

Pick up an envelope at one of the usher's positions in the back of the church. Print your name, the name(s) of those you wish to honor, whether that person is living or deceased, the occasion or reason, and the date of that occasion. Then enclose your donation and drop the envelope in the collection basket or bring it to the rectory. Please do this at least two weeks in advance of the remembrance date requested.