Ladies of St. Dominic


Mission and Purpose of Ladies Club

To emulate the Blessed Mother, Mary-this is the unspoken challenge presented to every woman who becomes a member of The Ladies of Saint Dominic. As followers of the Blessed Mother, we strive to follow her example as not only the Mother of the Lord, but to maintain a continuous vigil as the heart of his followers as well.

The Ladies of St. Dominic has a long tradition of serving our church and community as keeper and protector of the bond formed from our Holy Mother. Through our acts of charity, compassion and selfless love, we maintain the foundation of peace and eternal nurturing as mothers of the church.

As the Blessed Mother spoke to St. Dominic, through the rosary and the scapula, I will save the world. So to, the Ladies of St. Dominic strive to maintain the trust given to each of us upon our baptism-lead by example.


Our annual membership drive is held each September through the envelope system. New members are always welcome and can join at our monthly meetings anytime throughout the year. Dues are $10.00

Ministry activities and accomplishments:

  • Conducted a successful membership drive
  • Had a plaque engraved and installed on the base of the Risen Christ statue that we donated in June, 2008
  • Prepared and served refreshments at the Memorial Mass
  • Palm Sunday Bake Sale
  • Christmas Bake Sale
  • Held a Christmas Party at the Manor Inn
  • Used portion of funds for liturgical items needed within our parish
  • Held Communion Breakfast at J. Timothy's following Mass, with Sr. Theresina as our guest speaker from Our Layd of Calvary Retreat House.
  • Held election of officers in the spring to begin their 2 year term in September.
  • Presentation of a scholarship awared to a qualifying high school senior who is a parishioner of Saint Dominic Parish
  • Sponsored a hole in the Annual St. Dominic School Golf Tournament