Men's Club

Scholarship 2019 Application

For nearly 20 years the Men’s Club of St. Dominic has been committed to serving many of the needs of the parish and the community of Southington. At nearly 30 strong, our membership continues to thrive year after year. New members are always welcome and may join at any time.

To join call the contact shown at the right of the screen or fill out a blue new member envelope found at both entrances of the church and on the literature table in the parish center. Dues are $10 per year.

We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Geraghty Parish Center. Refreshments are served and camaraderie is on tap 24x7.

Committed to serving God through individual and collective action in our daily lives, we are proactive in seeking opportunities to exemplify our discipleship of Jesus Christ, promoting and engaging in service activities as a model of Christian living for others.
With Saint Joseph as our patron, we are committed to the protection, love and support of our spouses, children and families, serving also as stewards of our church and guardians of social justice, liberty, fairness and equality of all before God in the world around us.

In 2001-2002 the Men’s Club planned, raised funds and helped build the crèche and purchase life size nativity figures, which they place in the crèche late November every year.
In the mid-2000’s they contributed to the construction of the Community Learning Center.
During the past few years they have performed the following services and more.
•    Raised funds to provide a college bound student with a $750 scholarship
•    Contributed funds for St. Dominic School’s Scholarship Fund and play scape
•    Hosted an Oktoberfest or Polish night event mid-late October
•    Hosted a free mid-Winter “Soup Night” with delicious homemade soups
•    Hosted a hot-dog night early Summer to kick off the Summer season
•    Hosted free a breakfast on the Feast of St. Dominic
•    Assisted with the parish picnic
In 2012 they co-sponsored St. Dominic Parish's first annual New Year’s Eve dinner social.