Social Justice and Action

Mission Statement

The mission of the Social Justice Ministry of Saint Dominic Parish is to provide leadership in social justice concerns and action within our parish, civic community, and beyond by . . .

- identifying social issues and human needs
- raising awareness of these issues within the parish
- matching the talents and skills of parishioners to help meet those needs through service, advocacy, and empowerment.

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it is in your power to help them, If you can help your neighbor now, don't say 'Come back tomorrow', and then I'll help you.' " Proverbs 3:27-28.

The Social Justice Committee meets several times a year to plan all events. Please call if you are interested in joining the core group or helping with an event! Most of our primary scheduling and communications are handled through an email group for convenience.

All are invited to attend and to join other volunteers in the rewarding work of helping others.

The Social Justice Ministry is currently seeking new leadership.  The ideal would be a duo to run this active ministry and coordinate all the events!  Interested parties may contact the current chairperson below.

Information and contacts:

Leeanne Frisina
628-0349 at the rectory
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the work of Social Justice at Saint Dominic Church

We have had many visible and successful events that have helped people as close as our own parish and as far as Afghanistan. It is truly exciting to see such worthy causes thrive. This year, we have taken a new focus for our ministry.  We hope to ensure that the legacy of Saint Dominic Parish's generosity to those in need continues well into the future for as long as the need exists.

Regular and Past Activities

Ongoing food drive: We regularly deliver around 400lbs of food each week to Southington Community Services.

Mercy Homeless Shelter: All cleaning products, paper goods, toiletries are delivered quarterly to the shelter in Hartford.

Pet Foods: Any pet food, toys, snacks that are received are delivered to the Meriden Humane Society.

Lenten Homebound Outreach: During Lent, committee members and confirmation students will work weekly to ensure that our homebound parishioners receive a gift of love for every Sunday of the season. Also, behind the scenes, the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion faithfully carry these and other gifts each week on their Sunday visitations.

Eye Glasses For the Needy: We accept ongoing donations of used eye glasses that are shipped to an organization that refurbishes them and distributes them nationally and internationally to those in need. Donations are accepted in the Social Justice Bin in the Parish Center.

Through the busy holidays, we coordinate and work hand in hand with the parish, religious education program, and Saint Dominic School to keep our holiday food drives flowing smoothly. Meetings are held, dates are set, boxes are gathered and plans are strategize! All in an effort to keep things appearing effortless!

Tree of Thanks: November fundraiser to help those in need. We have reduced the manpower required, the need for freezers, the health safety issues of handling raw meats, and increased the ability to purchase the required food product as needed with no waste, by collecting monetary donations that fund this program for the entire year. This has allowed us to better assist families in need within our parish and within our community!

Helping Hand Confidential Assistance Program: For parishioners in need. Many individuals and families within our parish were able to benefit from this program that will be offered annually during the holiday season and beyond. We even have a few "Secret Santa's" who sponsor parish families through the holidays or through difficult periods of their lives. This is an anonymous program and both party's identities are kept strictly confidential.

Our Giving Tree was expanded to assist parishioners, Southington Social Services and the Department of Children and Families in New Britain. We had several Secret Santas come forward to sponsor families in need, and the social justice efforts of the school and Religious Education program overflowed, too.

Red Cross Blood Drives are also held two or three times a year. Usually the last week in December and the last week in June.

We will again have an easter basket collection to benefit these children through the Lenten season.

Pro Life The BirthRight Rose sale on Mother's Day. Our collection of ongoing donations for BirthRight has increased dramatically to a regular delivery schedule for our BirthRight Liaison. The Mom's group has taken over as liaison for Birthright.

Bread for Life: We have regular donations to Bread for Life at holiday times through our food drives and we give them funds as needed on a request basis. Rey Pelletier is our Bread for Life representative who organizes our volunteer rotation at the kitchen.

These are only the examples of the end results that you see. There are the meetings to plan and organize, the emergency calls that come in for help throughout the year, the sorting, lugging and delivering of collected items to all of the benefiting organizations, the visits with individuals in need who only want someone to understand, and countless other tasks that will arise. There are also the many names of the individuals who do the work and the wonderful and generous parishioners who donate to these causes.

Saint Dominic Social Justice Ministry is all of us together making an effort to bring forth good to others during their time of need each and every day, whenever we are asked and whenever we can. It is the way we choose to live our lives by living and giving as Jesus has shown us. May God continue to bless us with faith, compassion, patience and understanding, so that we may continue to be the Shepherds of the Lord.