First Communion

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Can we imagine anything that tops the pride and joy that fills our hearts when we see our young people receive their First Holy Eucharist?

Students who are preparing for their First Eucharist are typically in grade 3 and have a busy year.  In addition to attending the monthly Partners in Faith sessions with their families, these students also attend 3 workshops in the fall to prepare for their First Reconciliation (received in January) as well as a full-day retreat in January to prepare for their First Eucharist (received in May).  These workshops are held monthly on either a Monday or a Tuesday (student's choice) and are the traditional classroom style.  There is an additional fee for these workshops to cover the cost of books; financial assistance is always available.

If a student is older than grade 3 and has not yet received these sacraments, please contact the office about our Catch Up Class option.

There are two rehearsals in the weeks leading up to First Eucharist day. All rehearsals will take place at the Church and all grade three students are required to attend each rehearsal.

Please call our office at any time if you have questions or concerns. All calls are returned promptly.