RE Outreach

There are many opportunities throughout the year when our RE families are invited to participate in programs that answer the call to service from our faith.”
The St. Dominic Spirit is always on display in our Religious Education program. One year, the 150 students at Vacation Bible School collected medicines for a clinic in LaRomana, Dominican Republic. We collected close to 200 bottles! They were carried to the clinic by some parishioners in November and distributed to children and families who need them. When Religious Education class began again in October, we held a shoe drive for these same families.

Our Dominican Republic travelers carried more than 500 pairs of shoes in luggage bags to the clinic. Everyone was so happy to have sandals and sneakers!
Thank you to everyone who contributed medicine, shoes and prayers for the families of LaRomana. The families of Religious Education are always generous and mindful of the needs of others. What a wonderful lesson to be teaching our children.

During another summer, our Vacation Bible School families were able to help homeless kids from Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation by donating backpacks, school supplies and school uniforms. Without these items, these students wouldn't be able to attend school! Mercy was so grateful: "Through your efforts, you have made a difference in the lives of many families who are struggling to provide basic necessities for their children.

Our VBS group was busy again a few summers ago, when we collected hundreds of cans of food for the Southington Food Pantry.  We spent a good deal of time that week talking about hunger and its affect on children and learning and our campers were able to make the connection between the importance of good nutrition and success in school.

In the summer of 2014, our Vacation Bible School campers held a very special collection.  For the past 9 years of VBS, once special parishioner was always a member of our junior (and then adult) volunteer team.  Steven F couldn't join us in 2014 because he enlisted in the Air Force, but we thought about him every day when we collected items to donate to the Rocky Hill Veterans Home and Hospital in his honor.  We collected t-shirts, razors, socks, shaving cream and other items that our veterans could truly appreciate.

Our Partners in Faith families are always generous, and this year is no exception.  Our families filled 4 food baskets for each of 14 families in our parish---wonderful!  And not one month later, 11 families in our parish received gifts for their children from these same Partners in Faith families!”