Youth Group

We, the Saint Dominic Youth Group, are young people in our teens who together with our peers and adult advisors gather in a true spirit of giving and loving to support and strengthen our values as Christians.

This community of faith provides a safe and loving atmosphere where spirituality and relationships grow and flourish: relationships with one another - with family - with peers and above all our God.

This group serves many purposes. It offers options and opportunities often not available in school and sports activities alone. It's a place to make new friends, have fun, laugh and play. It's a place to grow and learn, a place where we always know we are loved and accepted, a place where we do not have to be afraid to be exactly who we are, ourselves, and it's a place to pray and to reflect who Jesus is in our lives today.

It is our hope and dream that Jesus can work through us so that we can be living examples of hope that the future of the world is in good hands. By reaching out to those who need us - to those in pain - to those who are lonely or those who are hungry, hopefully we can change our little corner or the world and brighten a life.



Steubenville  2018 (click for details!)

 Due February 23rd:

To reserve slot, please print and complete the registration forms to the right, and submit to the Religious Education Office with $50 deposit.  (Checks should be made payable to Saint Dominic Church with "Steubenville" in memo.)

- Liabililty Release Form

- UMASS Residency Agreement