Online Giving

Personal Direct Pay
Personal Direct payment made through your own online banking is one of the best options for making your parish contributions.  You log in to your own online banking bill pay and set up a recurring payment.    You can also alter your payment options easily or add additional payments for other areas, such as holidays, flower offerings, etc.

Typically, there are no fees to you or to us using this method. No credit card fees, no bank fees, no postage or envelope expenses...This is beneficial to both the parish and parishioner.

If you do not use your personal bank online bill pay you may also consider the following option:

What is Online Giving?
Online giving is a direct payment program whereby your contribution is debited automatically from your checking, savings or credit card account into your church’s bank account. For those who take advantage of online banking and bill paying, online giving will be the most convenient method of giving.

Are there fees?  There are no fees for using online giving for the parishioner, but the parish does incur both credit card and bank fees for processing.

Click on the image link below to get started today!

What if I need help setting this up?  Just call the rectory and Leeanne will assist you in setting up your account 860.628.0349

Why does our parish need money?
Like other enterprises or institutions, a church needs financing …money ... to pay for (1) its year-round operating expenses and (2) its long-term capital improvement needs.

What are the parish’s operating expenses?
Operating expenses include the cost of utilities, (electric, gas, telephone), heating and air-conditioning, landscaping, snow plowing, cleaning, repairs, salaries, insurance, liturgical, educational, administrative and other supplies. The annual parish financial report provides full details of such expenses.

How does the parish pay for its operating expenses?
Saint Dominic Parish is self-sustaining. It receives no financial support for its operating expenses, the services it provides or the maintenance of its facilities outside of the contributions of its parishioners and friends. Clearly, that means Saint Dominic depends on the financial support of its parishioners. This is why your understanding and help is so important.