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What is Stewardship?
Simply stated, Stewardship is the response to the call of the members of a parish to take a share of the responsibility for their parish community through the contribution of their time, their talents and their financial support. Truly then, Stewardship is the engine that makes a parish run! Here we provide some basic questions about the role of Stewardship in the financial support of Saint Dominic Parish.

Why does our parish need money?
Like other enterprises or institutions, a church needs financing …money ... to pay for (1) its year-round operating expenses and (2) its long-term capital improvement needs.

What are the parish's operating expenses?
Operating expenses include the cost of utilities, (electric, gas, telephone), heating and air-conditioning, landscaping, snow plowing, cleaning, repairs, salaries, insurance, liturgical, educational, administrative and other supplies. The annual parish financial report provides full details of such expenses.

How does the parish pay for its operating expenses?
Saint Dominic Parish is self-sustaining. It receives no financial support for its operating expenses, the services it provides or the maintenance of its facilities outside of the contributions of its parishioners and friends. Clearly, that means Saint Dominic depends on the financial support of its parishioners. Frankly, this is why your understanding and help is so important.

How do parishioners contribute the support needed?
Traditionally, collections are taken up at Mass each weekend when the ushers pass the baskets during the Offertory. Today, we use a more efficient system which we call the Stewardship Offertory Program.

What is the Stewardship Offertory Program?
The Stewardship Offertory Program was instituted in our parish in early 2005 to provide a more flexible and convenient system for parishioners to sustain a dependable source of revenue throughout the year so that we may meet our operating expenses. The Stewardship Offertory Program offers parishioners two optional methods of remitting regular contributions to the parish:

The two methods are the Direct Invoice system and the Weekly Envelope system.

What is the Direct Invoice system?
This is the preferred and most efficient method recommended by the Finance Committee and the administrative staff. When you choose the direct invoice system, you decide whether you want to be invoiced monthly or quarterly.

What about the Weekly Envelope system and the collection at Mass?
The direct invoice system is an alternate to the weekly envelope system. If you choose the direct invoice system it replaces the weekly envelope and your need to place a contribution in the collection basket passed during the Offertory at Mass. Note: The ushers and people around you are aware of this system! What do we do then with the weekly Stewardship envelopes? Once you receive your first invoice from the rectory, please discard your unused envelopes and envelopes that might temporarily come to you from the printer for one more cycle.

To Sign up for the Direct Invoice system:
Go back to the Stewardship Offertory Commitment form at the top of this page and enter the requested information. Then, click "submit". Your form will be transmitted electronically to the Administrative Assistant to the Pastor, with total privacy and in confidence. You will soon begin to receive Direct Invoices for your Stewardship remittance. You may mail the invoice to the rectory or place it in the collection basket at church. If you have any questions you may phone the rectory at 628-0349, weekdays during the hours of 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

What is an appropriate amount to contribute?
Who, better than you, knows your financial circumstances? Therefore, you are the best person to make a prayerful decision that is the appropriate contribution level for you, consistent with what your heart and your head tell you is right. This decision calls for each of us to assess and balance our personal circumstances with our generosity and a clear sense of our personal responsibility to our parish community.

Can a guideline be offered for an average family? In 2005, we offered the thought of a $10.00 per week ($50.00 per month), average moderate family level of support. Please keep in mind, as you consider the level of your commitment, in 2005 we discontinued the second collection in Church and the monthly collection envelope.

Why do we ask for a Stewardship Offertory pledge for the year? Like any responsible, accountable institution, we budget our needs annually based on our known and anticipated needs. We ask for your pledge to help ensure a dependable stream of income to meet our fiscal needs during the course of the year.

What if my circumstances change during the year?
All contributions are voluntary. If your situation should change, you are free to adjust your level or method of payment. Why is the Direct Invoice system preferred over the Weekly Envelope system? Research done by the Saint Dominic Finance Committee indicates that parishioners generally use the Offertory envelope system when they attend Mass. Unfortunately, when not in attendance, due to illness, travel, weather conditions or other reasons, parishioners often tend not to make up the missed donation. (Keep in mind that the Offertory never was nor will it ever be intended as a donation for admission at Mass.) Therefore, because the weekly envelope system alone does not provide a fully effective means of supporting the parish, Saint Dominic now offers and suggests the direct-invoice system as a convenient and more efficient alternative.

What about the long-term Capital Improvement needs of the parish? Capital Improvement needs vary from year to year depending on the age and wear and tear of structures and systems and the need for major expenditures required to keep our facilities safe, in good condition, comfortable and well functioning. To be prepared for these needs, the long term planning committee evaluates the facility and its systems throughout the course of the year, providing assessment reports to the to the parish council, the pastor and the finance committee. Through this process, final plans are developed and announced to the parish in September of each year. At that time, we launch our Annual Parish Appeal asking parishioners to consider making a lump sum or a three-installment donation to help fund our capital improvements. In this way, we keep pace with the needs and provide for the future of our church. A detailed report of the final results of the  Annual Parish Appeal is published in January .

A Brief Summary We have tried to present here a basic understanding of the concept of Stewardship, parish finances and what it takes to support the needs of the parish. The Stewardship Offertory Program offers two optional plans to help support its year-round operating expenses: the Direct Invoice system and the Weekly Envelope system. The program ensures optimum flexibility, convenience, personal choice and privacy to the individual parishioner while providing the parish an efficient, reliable and equitable system of securing the support it needs to continue offering its many services to its more than 2,200 registered parish households.

Please return to the top of the page now and complete and submit the Stewardship Offertory Commitment form . Thank you.